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Arsham Borumand Saeid

Arsham Borumand Saeid

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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree Role def-date
Mahta Bedrood The Study of MV-algebra of continuous functions on a topological space Ph.D 1401/11/12
Asieh Hasany Movahed Some generalizations of prime ideals in MV-algebras Ph.D --------
Sarah Kianpour Distributivity in skew lattices M.S 1396/06/26
Farshad Oveisi pythagorean dombi fuzzy graphs. M.S --------
Milad Riyahi Sardine escape algorithm: A novel meta-heuristic algorithm based on improved q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets Ph.D --------
Sadri Rointan Representation of Dually Hemimorphic Semi-Nelson algebras M.S 1402/04/03
Parisa Taheri Pseudo-EQ-algebras M.S 1401/11/12
Self-distributive weak Heyting algebras Ph.D 1402/08/24
Classical Modal Demorgan Algebras M.S 1395/01/14
------------------- M.S 1390/11/19
------------------- M.S --------
Orthomodular Lattices and Lifting Property Ph.D 1399/06/25
Littice induced threshold functions and Boolean functions M.S 1395/11/24
Fibonacci sequences on MV algebras Ph.D 1397/06/27
Soft lattices M.S 1391/09/29
Tense operators in fuzzy logic M.S 1395/06/24
------------------- M.S --------
Lattice based Sums M.S 1393/06/15
presenting a blend inteligence model to chaotic time series prediction M.S 1394/06/18
Congruence Structure of Planar Semimodular Lattice: The General Swing Lemma M.S 1397/06/24
------------------- M.S --------
Basic algebras M.S 1395/11/20
------------------- M.S 1393/06/16
Topological Properties of prime filters in Mtl- algebras M.S 1392/10/25
Some latticial properties of Hilbert algebras M.S 1391/11/19
relationship between inclusions for relations and inequalities for corelations M.S 1398/06/17
State BCK- algebras and state- morphism BCK- algebras M.S 1395/06/03
Local pseudo BCK-algebra with pseudo product M.S 1391/09/15
Subquasivariety and n-fold filters of residuated lattices. Ph.D 1397/02/26
Some Properties of hyperideals in ternary semihypergroups M.S 1394/06/02
Relationships between generalized Bosbach states and L- Filters on Residuated Lattices M.S 1395/12/11
Lattice of closure endomorphisms of a Hilbert algebra M.S 1397/11/09
Filter theory in Hilbert algebras Ph.D 1394/06/01
state operators on generalizations of fuzzy structures M.S 1393/09/23
Branches and Ideals of weak Bcc Algebras M.S 1391/06/18
An algebraic approach to binary relations M.S 1394/11/05
------------------- M.S --------
------------------- M.S --------
generalized comonotonicity and new axiomatizations of sugeno integrals on bounded distributive lattices M.S 1397/06/26
Topics in Pseudo finite MV-algebras Ph.D 1399/06/25
------------------- M.S 1393/06/19
Prime A- ideals and Radical of A- ideals in MV- Moudules Ph.D 1392/05/27
------------------- Ph.D --------
Ideal of pre logic M.S 1391/04/25
On derivation and their fixed point sets in residuated lattices M.S 1395/12/11
Residuated skew Lattices Ph.D 1397/06/06
Multiset topologies induced by multiset relations M.S 1394/06/02
------------------- M.S --------
------------------- M.S 1392/05/28
Order algebraizable logics M.S 1395/06/31
Quasi-valuation maps on BCK/BCI-algebras M.S 1396/06/29
Several types of groupoids induced by two-variable functions M.S 1397/06/24
Some Aspects of GH-Ring M.S 1391/09/19
topics in pseudo equality algebras Ph.D --------
Weak Lattices M.S 1393/06/16
On some properties of directoids M.S 1395/06/28
Algebras Assigned to TernaryRelations M.S 1393/07/15
------------------- M.S --------
Nilpotency and Solvablity of BCI and MTL-Logics (algebras) Ph.D 1397/01/29
Topics in Temporal Logics Ph.D 1395/11/19
------------------- M.S --------
Algebras inspired by modal logics Ph.D 1394/02/02
Maryam Afzali Residuated Operators in Complemented Posets M.S 1399/06/22
Mansoureh Azimi nejad Measures and internal states on pseudo – equality algebras M.S 1396/11/01
Saber Balaei Matrix theory over residuated Lattices Ph.D 1397/11/17
Farnaz Ghanavizi maroof An Algebraic Approach to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Ph.D 1395/01/17
Zohre Ghayedi Codes based on residuated lattices. M.S 1396/11/01
Samira Hajializadeh Semi-Nelson algebras M.S 1397/04/24
Zohre Hasanli Regular filter in residuated lattice M.S 1398/09/13
Narjes Hashemzadeh CODES OVER HYPERRINGS M.S 1396/06/26
Masume Hedayati ------------------- Ph.D 1397/12/26
Saeide Latifi Some subvarieties of semi-heyting algebras M.S 1398/11/16
Mahla Mahmodilorak Some results on weak implicative semi- lattices M.S 1399/12/10
Shokoofeh MansourMahani Very true pseudo-BCK Algebras M.S 1398/11/16
Adel Mehrpooya The Entropy Function on Hyper MV-Algebras Ph.D 1394/08/13
Zakieh Minavi State pseudo equality algebras M.S 1397/06/24
Behnam Mohammad Hasani Zadeh Improve whale optimization algorithm for feature selection problem by fuzzy logic M.S 1397/06/26
Azin Molayie Drakhtenjani Practical method for Predicting the Iran stock market trend using machine learning algorithms M.S 1400/10/25
Mohammad mahdi Salari chineh A hybrid expert system to diagnose lung cancer using intuitionistic fuzzy variables M.S 1400/06/03
Mozhgan Salehi Nasab A hybrid model for the diagnosis of Covid-19 disease based on soft computing methods M.S 1400/11/06
Marzieh Shahabi nejad Ideals of pseudo-BCH-algebras M.S 1397/06/26
Maryam Tavakkoli Zero- divisor graphs of partially ordered sets Ph.D 1395/03/10
Saeede Zahiri Topics in Triangle Algebras Ph.D 1394/12/13
Zohre Zeinali nejad Routing in mobile ad hoc networks with intuitionistic interval-valued fuzzy data M.S 1399/03/19
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Showing 17 results.
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