The university's chancellor of research and technology reported the rise of industrial, social and technical projects and ideas from faculty members in the past few years.

Dr Hossein Nezam Abadi-Pour, at the Digital Business Conference at SBUK, commented on the status of university published papers on the reputable sites such as Web of Science and Scopus  and said: "Our papers and research are consistent with the world standards, and industrial contracts, industrial, social and technical projects from faculty members show substantial growth within the past few years.

The chancellor of Research and Technology of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Dr. Hosein Nezam Abadi Pour, on Monday, March 20, 2002 noted: Kerman province has 125 higher education institutions and graduates of these institutions need employment.

He added: "Considering that Kerman is an agricultural and mining province and is still not fully industrialized, so that we can not recruit all the graduates through the industry. Therefore we can help create employment in Kerman province using new educational methods.

Dr. Nazam Abadi-poor continued, "University graduates must enter the community and industry and run their own lives, because the employment situation in the industry is not suitable.Previously, development was based on production, and capital, labor, and industrial production units were characteristic of it, but they have now gone towards a knowledge-based development characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship and research and development units. The economic model is changed, and we must take that pattern for growth.

He noted that there is a big gap between technology and the industry, which is called the Death Valley. The government or private sectors such as business accelerators should intervene. If these small businesses are not backed up, virtually 85% of the technology will not be transmitted to the market and end up in the death valley.

He said that post-production technology should become a product and then go to the market. Many technologies do not become a product or they do not reach the market here. We at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman have taken several steps for our social mission. These steps to increase our graduates' job satisfaction are as follows:

  • With the help of the Science and Technology Park, we have set up a joint incubator center, and in the next few days the center will be inaugurated. Professors and students can put their ideas at this center.
  • Purchase of shares from the Provincial Research and Technology Foundation to support innovative  science-based new companies run by students.
  • Organizing entrepreneurship classes for training the entrepreneurship teachers.
  • Surveying the employment rate of the SBUK graduates in order to strengthen the weak disciplines.
  • Obtaining permission to publish online.
  • Signing contract with Irancell Corporation to support digital businesses in the province.
  • Safe selling market.
  • Setting up an electronic content production laboratory at the University.