Our university's remarkable journey within the past four decades has taken us into the ranks of the leading universities in the country. During this journey we have been committed to two targets: excellence in teaching and excellence in research. Our superior location at a major hub in the south east of the country has provided us with a unique opportunity to be a nation-leading educational and research platform. Our undergraduate and graduate students today receive an outstanding education in a wide variety of academic fields and disciplines. We are now the center of breakthrough advances in research programsand industry collaboration in the region.

Now we have reached a defining moment, balancing tremendous growth against the need to compete and maintain the quality. While keeping our Islamic values, we should now position ourselves as a world-class university. It is imperative to recognize that a great university should not merely respond to changes, but in fact must anticipate changes and shape the future. This time, more than any other, requires objective analysis, target planning, and thoughtful resource management. While institutional costs have continued to rise, state funding has not kept the same pace, urging universities to pursue alternative sources of support and revenue. To overcome the gap between our current position and the university, we aspire to be we must invest in improving our teaching and research quality. We must strengthen our abilities to attract the best students in the country and from overseas and recruit and retain world-class faculty while developing new areas and programs that can respond to the demanding job market.

Our ability to continue our successful path hinges upon developing the infrastructure that will enable our faculty members to perform at the highest levels, from idea generation to commercialization. Faculty expertise will be leveraged through partnerships with other universities, industry, research centers, private companies, and the public sector, nationally and internationally, to ensure a prompt response to rapid economic changes. This requires identifying and removing bureaucratic obstacles and creating agile lines of authority to facilitate more flexible, timely, and accountable decision making procedures. 

We must create a culture among our students to discover, analyze, and apply knowledge within their disciplines and across different disciplines. We must prepare them for a challenging world, a dynamic nation, and a competitive workplace.  We must encourage them for more interactions, teamwork spirit, and problem solving attitude.  

To achieve our goal of becoming a preeminent university, we need a high level of commitment, dedication and responsive operations at all organizational levels. We must continually evaluate our programs, identify the pitfalls and come up with a proactive and collaborative response. 

I have every confidence that with our talented people we will be an exemplary university for discovery-to-delivery with pioneering research, innovative teaching, and community commitment as our core values. 

Prof. Mohammad-Ali Taher
Email: chancellor@uk.ac.ir
Tel: 034 33257160-1
Fax: 034 33257413