About university

pictures are taken from: " Kerman & The University"  The History of Foundation & Rise of the University in Kerman   By:Shamsoddin Najmi(2002)

Alireza Afzalipour and Fakhereh Saba founded Kerman University in 1974. This university is located in south east of Kerman in an area of 5.000.000 sq. meters and started educational activities in 1975, admitting 90 students. After the Islamic Revolution, the university was called Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman after Dr. Mohammad Javad Bahonar. Ministery of Sciences, Research and Technology considers this university as one of the top universities of Iran due to 40 years of educational and research achievements. At the beginning, 25000 sq. meters of space was considered for 5000 students but this space is increased to more than 23,000 sq. meters and 14000 students. 

Faculties and Fields of Study:

Humanities: 67 fields and subfields
Basic Sciences: 82 fields and subfields
Technical and Engineering: 46 fields and subfields
Art: 9 fields and subfields
Pardis: 34 fields and subfields

Undergraduate students are currently studying in 300 different fields and university also admits graduate and Ph.D. students in 218 fields. Most of Instructors of university have received bursaries to continue their studies and get their Ph.D.'s. Different facilities like the central library, faculties' libraries, laboratories, and the informatic center together with other outstanding educational activities and also students' efforts resulted into a huge number of admissions in graduate and Ph.D. levels for this university's students. 

Currently, there are 642 faculty members and almost the same number of visiting faculty members, more tan 700 experts and staff in educational and research affairs. Out of 642 faculty members, 62 are full professors, 112 associate professors, 347 assistant professors and 119 are instructors. 



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